About Us

Grants of Devon:
A Family Tradition

For close to 200 years since 1836, the Grant family have worked marble, semi-precious stone and limestones. 
The Grant family married into the Halliday family and from then the last 3 generations of Hallidays have been running the business.

How it started

Our History

The company started off making fine marble items such as pen rests, marble clocks, ash trays, veneered jewellery boxes and gold and silverwork and much more.

Nowadays, we specialise in antique repair and restoration, and bespoke marblework. We also work alongside interior designers, silversmiths, architects and antique dealers all over the country and internationally.

Grants through the years

Grant Family Tree

Grants of Devon is an 8th-generation family-run stonemason based in Devon. 
With a rich heritage and expertise in antique restorations, we are dedicated to preserving history and
 bringing new life to timeless pieces.

1777 - 1868
Joseph Grant Snr

1st Generation

1813 - 1871
Henry Grant

2nd Generation

William Henry Grant

3rd Generation

1859 - 1925
Harry Frank Grant

4th Generation

1861 - 1950
William Henry Godfrey Grant

4th Generation

1890 - 1958
Harry Grant

5th Generation

1900 - 1979
Godfrey Grant

5th Generation

1931 - 2010
Gregory Grant Halliday

6th Generation

1962 - Present
Mark Halliday

7th Generation

1995 - Present
Martin Grant Halliday

8th Generation

Present Day

Who are we now?

There are two family members currently running the company, Mark J. Halliday (7th generation) and Martin Grant Halliday (8th generation) and between us we have a wealth of skills and experience using traditional materials and modern methods to achieve truly fantastic marblework.